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TEE Program

Train. Empower. Educate.

Program Length: 3 to 6 months

Outcome: Certificate of Completion, Potential Offer of Employment 

What is the TEE Program?

Our Train, Empower, Educate (TEE) Program focuses on enhancing the lives of those who have discontinued school. Young people choose to stop pursuing education for many different reasons, including:

  • Feeling inadequate with their academic success.
  • Having a lack of support.
  • Difficulties with peers and teachers.
  • Issues with home life.
The TEE Program gives out-of-school youth the opportunity to gain experience while working in volunteer vocational training placements. CFDE provides all necessary tools, equipment, and transportation needed to complete the job and youth receive a certificate hinging on successful completion of the program. 

How does the TEE Program Work?

The program starts with weekly meetings that will teach young adults how to design their resumes, how to excel in a job interview, and how to maximize their success in the workplace. Upon completion of the program, our graduates will be connected with prospective employers. Regardless of your level of education, the TEE program is an excellent opportunity to kickstart your career. 

CFDE stays in consistent contact with the business that has provided the placement, along with the individual volunteering, to oversee progress and help determine if the placement has been a positive experience. Training of this kind helps:

  • Present some insight for young people about what next steps they would like to pursue.
  • Provide practical experience working in a professional setting.
  • Two new references to be added to the individual's resume. 
Assistance with the development of resumes is offered as well, as we aim to help young people through the entire processes of pursuing their goals and reaching their highest potential. Young people who need additional support such as information regarding furthering their education, counseling, and housing needs, or educational grants and loans are provided with resources to help them continue moving forward.

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