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ESL Classes

Duration: Ongoing 

Outcome: Enhancing employment prospects

CFDE ESL programs are designed to improve English language skills of unemployed or marginally employed adult Albertans and new immigrants. By improving their English language skills, they will enhance their employment prospects and opportunities. By gaining required English language skills, immigrants to Alberta will integrate faster into their communities and be able to obtain adequate employment. We all know that there are many advantages to children learning English as a second language early in life. For example, it enhances their cognitive development. There are also cultural advantages, as a child may remain tied to his or her native tongue while embracing English – the most widely spoken language – early on. 


But there are also some benefits of ESL for adults. Many adult learners who study English as a Second Language (ESL) stay in adult literacy

programs for years without moving on to college programs. Transitioning these ESL learners from the non-credit ESL program to the credit-bearing college academic and vocational/technical programs is a challenge that many instructors and administrators of adult literacy programs face and we are here to help with the transition if needed.



There are many barriers faced by ESL students in accessing and transitioning to college. Among the most commonly stated barriers are: (1) lack of goals, motivations and belief in self-worth; (2) lack of financial support and childcare support; (3) failure to provide transportation; (4) inability of working students to attend due to schedule conflicts and fatigue resulting from long work days; (5) cultural differences and expectations.


Some of the benefits of ESL classes for adults at CFDE include:

  • Flexible Evening and Online Classes. Students that are working and/or caring for a family may need some flexibility in their schedule. We understand this and do our best to accommodate the busy world you live in.
  • Diverse Student Population. Students from around the world study ESL for adults. This program will introduce students from nearly every pocket of the world, giving a chance to converse and practice English with those who are at the same speaking level , while getting a chance to get to know a variety of classmates.
  • Experienced Instructors. Our instructors also come from various parts of the world, who also understand the difficulty in learning a new language. Their passion and worldly experience can help them master English and get out there to pursue their own goals.
  • Free Tutoring Opportunities. We’re here to help with the learning process, and when it comes to learning a language that’s different from their own, they may need a little extra help. ESL students interested in extra conversation, pronunciation, and speaking practice can sign up for free one-hour workshops.
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