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Duration: Twice per week 

Outcome: Certificate

The goal of the STEM/ STEAM club will be to promote and get more girls, women and youths engagement and interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. Participants will be engaging in hands-on STEM/ STEAM activities with the help of volunteers and educators from the community. Our program will take place approximately eight times a month, or twice weekly. The activities will focus on collaboration, team building, communication, helping peers, and finding a passion for knowledge enabling them to making a difference in the community and the world.


STEM challenges offer an invaluable opportunity for students to work together in order to solve problems, and be rewarded for this through the receipt of official certificates or prizes. It is equally important that this involvement is recognised by the rest of the school, through praising those participating in assemblies, form time and STEM lessons. This will serve to place more value in these students and in the school’s STEM subjects as a whole.

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