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Homework Club

Duration: Twice per week

Outcome: Development of positive attitude towards learning by being in a supportive environment 

Some children are so self-motivated that they’re able to work diligently on homework and ignore the distractions of normal family life, but not everyone finds it so easy. Doing homework requires a quiet space to work at home and support from the parents. Often when youngsters get around to starting their homework, distractions from television, computers, friends, and family make studying a challenge and help is not available. In low income families both parents are working and don’t have the time to help or might be immigrants not familiar with the curriculum. This is where we come in. Twice a week volunteers and retired teachers will be on hand to help. Our homework club will be a safe, supportive and productive student meetup out of school hours to assist students in completing their homework. Our homework club provide vital support for children who will not otherwise have the help that they need.

CFDE Homework clubs can provide:

  •  A safe, quiet and calm space for students to concentrate
  •  A supportive environment
  • One to one or small group support
  • A chance to share knowledge
  • An opportunity to build relationships
  • An opportunity to develop good work habits and a positive attitude towards learning
  • The chance to develop skills involved in becoming an independent learner.
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